Architectural and Domestic Joinery

This category covers the widest range of jobs types we undertake. The same level of attention to detail is applied however materials, construction and budget remain in focus at all times.


This customer trawled through the established companies who specialise in log cabins but could not find the flexibility to amend their designs to match his needs. In fact none of the established companies could offer a solution that could be totally constructed on site as the client lives in a terrace, therefore every piece of timber needed to go through his house!

After a detailed meeting, I produced a design and detailed plan which was agreed and finalised. The end result was a cabin which exactly meets his needs, he was extremely complimentary about the service from concept to finished project.

French Doors

The customer had just moved into a new house and hated the existing French doors to the back garden. We manufactured, finished and installed the new hardwood doors and frame to match the other doors within the house. The net result was a huge improvement and a delighted customer.

Front Door & Bookcase

The customer wanted a period correct front door for their Victorian terraced house in London. We manufactured, finished and installed the door including sourcing period correct stained glass, along with a refresh of the existing door frames. The customer was so pleased they further commissioned a fitted bookcase in an awkward nook in the lounge designed to provide extra storage and also hide an unsightly gas meter. The difference is clear to see.

Side Gate

A small job for a client requiring a side gate supplied to a budget.

Oak Gates

These gates were manufactured for a trade customer to service his own client and were supply only.
As you can see they are extremely high quality and made from solid oak and dowel fixed ensuring a very long life.

Garage Doors

The doors were produced for a local trade customer wanting supply only in raw finished state. You can see the crispness of the joinery.


This customer contacted me looking for a handrail to match his existing period staircase to enable his elderly father to access the upper floor of his home in safety.

After a site visit I made a template from the existing banister and had a cutter made to match. Once the custom rail was produced it was fitted. Finishing took place on site to ensure as close a match in colour as possible. It’s really hard to match over one hundred years of patina!

Green Oak Benches

These garden benches were made from green oak and were very chunky, none of the joinery could be carried out by machine. The joints were hand cut.

The customer wanted them to be unfinished and un-sanded to allow them to “silver” naturally outdoors. There are no fixtures at all in the benches, they hold together perfectly on the dovetails alone.


Over the years I have manufactured many, many window frames and sashes, in softwood and hardwood, sliding box sashes and storm proof casements, period correct to more modern specifications.

In most joinery shops it is probably considered the “bread & butter” work and as such I will admit I have overlooked photographing these jobs.

Coffee Table

This coffee table was commissioned by a customer and is one of my own designs. There are no fixings at all within the construction and all of the joints are visible, and a feature.

As a joiner, I really like this type of piece, it has a real honesty. The simplicity defies the amount of work in its construction.

Oak & Yew Kitchen Table

The customer who commissioned this table saw one of my driftwood pieces at a fair and loved the way the waney edged driftwood was joined to form the table top, however they did not want driftwood.

The customer commissioned an Oak plank with an accent timber to match in with her Oak kitchen. In order to keep to budget the customer elected to paint the finished table and chairs themselves.

I finished the top with hardwax oil and a piece of character yew running through the middle of the table top. The result was very striking and the customer delighted. I have no idea what colour was chosen for the chairs and legs, but I’m sure it looks great.