When I decided to relocate to Cornwall I had planned to utilise an existing building located on our land. I planned to remove an internal dividing wall, replace the roof and add an extension to the rear.

Once works commenced it soon became clear that the structure was unsafe, the only option was to demolish the existing building and start again.

What started out as a setback turned out to be a blessing as it allowed me to build exactly what I needed without compromise.

The entire process took me two years to complete, working single handed on a project of this size can sometimes feel a bit like Groundhog Day, but I persevered and finally completed the project, gaining many additional skills along the way.

Before this I had never operated a digger, levelled a site, set foundations, laid a brick or block or screeded a floor. I had never tackled a roof structure of this size and complexity or worked with slate or lead.

I knew that if I worked methodically and used the principals I had learned over the years, I could make it happen. The only things I didn’t do myself were the rendering and the final hook up of the electrics.

Looking back now I have a huge sense of achievement having achieved my goal, and am now blessed with a workshop filled with my beloved old woodworking machines where I can be creative without limitations.